Grinding wheels for sharpening band saws



The angle of contact of the grinding wheel

The CBN grinding wheels can be produced according to your specifications or drawings.

The main advantages of CBN wheels for sharpening band saw:

  • Fits perfectly to the tooth profile

  • Tough crystals – stay sharp longer 


  • Very long tool life and profile stability 


  • Gives a particularly clean surface during grinding


  • Wheel stays flat and true and will not change


  • Cuts fast with little pressure when grinding


  • Little if any heat produced during grinding


  • Produces no dust since it never needs truing or dressing

  • Lack of thermal damage to the workpiece

  • Ensured high precision and appropriate workpiece quality

In order to sharpen band saws, we offer precisely manufactured profile grinding discs, which meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed such grinding wheels that are durable, give a clean surface of the saw and guarantee excellent results.