CBN tools for chisel sharpening for woodturning and other HSS materials

CBN wheels are designed for grinding hardened steels (over 54 HRc hardness),  high speed steel (HSS), powder metals and Nickel based special alloys.

CBN wheels cut efficiently, so very little pressure is needed, removing a minimum of steel to get a sharp edge. This means all your tools will last longer.

The main advantages of CBN wheels are:

  • Tough crystals – stay sharp longer

  • Low abrasive cost per part ground 

  • Short grinding times

  • Very long tool life and profile stability

  • Wheel stays flat and true and will not change

  • Cuts fast with little pressure when grinding

  • Little if any heat produced during grinding

  • Produces no dust since it never needs truing or dressing

  • Lack of thermal damage to the workpiece

  • Ensured high precision and appropriate workpiece quality

We can offer the following wheels:

Dimension Granulation
150x20x17x32 150x40x32 150x40x17x32 200x40x32 200x25x17x32 250x40x32  200x40x17x32 zelo fino B46 fino B54 standard B91; B107 coarse       B151; B181

Other dimensions and grain sizes are also available.

We produce two types of coatings

Rim and side coat Rim coat only


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