CBN wheels are designed for grinding hardened steels (over 54 HRc hardness), high speed steel (HSS), powder metals and Nickel based special alloys.

CBN wheels cut efficiently, so very little pressure is needed, removing a minimum of steel to get a sharp edge. This means all your tools will last longer.

The main advantages of CBN wheels are:

  • Tough crystals – stay sharp longer
  • Short grinding times
  • Very long tool life and profile stability
  • Significantly higher wear resistance compared to other abrasives
  • Good thermal conductivity and chemical resistance
  • Wheel stays flat and true and will not change

Abrasive coating can be applied to the rim and the side or only to the rim of the wheel.

Rim and side coat

Rim coat only

CBN wheel mounting example

We can offer the following wheels:

Dimension B46 B54 B91 B151
150x20x32 x
150x20x17x32 x
150x40x32 x x x x
150x40x17x32 x x x x
200x25x17x32 x
200x40x32 x x
200x40x17x32 x x x x
250x40x17x32 x x
250x50x17x51 x

Other dimensions and grain sizes are also available.


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