Grinding routers 1A1W

Tools are used for treatment of composite materials (GRP – glass reinforced plastics, carbon), in shpbuilding industry, gliders, bathroom furniture, marble glass, rubber, graphite, etc.

Profile mounted routers are produced in the following grain sizes:

  • Diamond: D64 – D601

  • CBN: B76, B91, B107, B126, B151, B181

When ordering please specify the following dimensions: D x T x Y x L

Grinding routers for carbon processing

Cutting discs 1U1R; 1U1RSS from Φ 40 mm to Φ 350 mm

We manufacture cutting discs from Φ 40 mm to Φ 350 mm

Gulleted saws

Purpose of use : for cutting of composite materials (glass or carbon s reinforced plastic and similar materials

Continuous rim saws

Purpose of use: for straight cutting of composite materials

Side spoke saws

Purpose of use: to saw curves without jamming the saw blade and stalling the machine, the blade is also ideal for trimming, sawing, cutting curves in composite materials

Hole saws up to Φ 350 mm

We manufacture hole saws up to Φ 350 mm in standard granulation D 427.

Purpose of use: for drilling, and machining in composite materials (GRP, CRP), glass, marble, other soft stones

Milling cutters

Tools are used for rubber grinding, rubber rollers, for making grooves and threads in rubber rollers, making grooves in GRP tubes

Grinding tools for glass processing

Grinding tools for marble processing

Grinding tools for treatment of marble are produced in the following grain sizes:

Diamond: D 252, D 356, D 427, D 601, D 852, D 1001


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